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At Cross Timbers, we strive "for the glory of God in all things." Above all, we strive to worship God with our lives, plans and possessions so that in all things He might be glorified and in everything be preeminent.
Visit with us and you will find a fellowship of outgoing, accepting, caring and genuine people who believe in faithfully and accurately proclaiming the Word of God; training ourselves to be equipped and effective laboring disciples; establishing a strong biblical community; and living out the gospel in our individual lives, our families, and as the body of Christ that we might be bold and effective  witnesses to the Truth of salvation in Christ!


New Teaching Series: The Christian Worldview, Politics and Civil Responsibility

Beginning Sunday, October 4 we will examine via the Scriptures several controversial issues that are current hot topics. We do so in preparation for an important action we hope people will observe on November 3: voting for who will lead our country.  We will look at the implications of a Christian worldview for politics and Christian involvement in civil matters. Should Christians withdraw from social and civil involvement and only focus on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ? Is it hypocritical and damaging to the faith for Christians to support one flawed candidate over another flawed candidate? What does it mean to "vote your values"? What are those values?

We hope you will join us on the CTBC campus, or online!

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The link to live stream our worship is now active. On any Sunday at 10:45 click the link for "live stream" on the banner at the top of the main page and join us for our worship on the church campus. If you miss the actual live stream, it will later convert to a saved video you can still watch via the "messages" link at the top of the main page.

Giving Online is Ready

The ability to give online is now functional. Click on "Give" on the banner at the top of the home page. This is a safe and secure way to give to the church and its various ministries. God's blessings to you for your faithfulness!


Second Sunday of each month.

Fellowship Meal

Fellowship Meal, 3rd Sunday of each month.  Come join us for food and fun.